Thursday, February 26, 2009


What driveline do I use for the M50/S50 M52/S52 change over?

If you are using the ZF five speed that came in 328/528/M3 cars, you can use the E36 328i five speed driveline. Obviously, this driveline matches the 3 bolt flange at the back of the five speed tranmission and uses a rubber flex disc (guibo) to couple the driveline to the driveline. At the opposite end, the E36 328i five speed driveline is an exact match to your four bolt input flange on the E30 differential.

The one thing that will need to be changed when using the E36 328i five speed driveline is the center carrier bearing. You will need to install an E30 center carrier bearing on the E36 328i driveline.

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