Sunday, July 31, 2011

Replacing the Carpet - #Project_91_318i

So, with the interior gutted, today we spent time pulling the nasty dash and the climate case out to allow us to install the "new" (new to us) carpet in one piece. We could have cut around the climate case, but I did that on the last E30 and I didn't care for the fit/finish. Plus I'd like the change the heater core and make sure the blower works. There was some mods made to the climate wiring and we needed to replace the dash anyway. The heater case is 6 bolts once the dash is out.

Dash out

I think we will pull the airbag column and install a non-airbag one.

Nasty M42 motor. Supposedly it only has 40lbs of compression.

The old dash. Lots of cracks. Had a aftermarket cruise control glued into it. Cut harness. What a mess.

Climate case out. 6 bolts. Pretty easy once the dash is out!!

Carpet installed. Quite a challenge to get it up to the front, under the peddles and around the column. Glad it's done. Now to look at that climate case.....

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