Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dinan Chip 413 brain

Today I installed a Dinan Chipped silver 413 brain. After I got the exhaust put in and the O2 sensor connected, the car started to stumble and not idle very well. It probably needed to learn the car, but we had the chipped brain at work, so I used it. Now it runs great.

A comment on the red vs. silver 413 brains - the silver brain is found in all the EWS equipped cars. However, you can get silver 413 from a Non-EWS car if the brain has been replaced by the dealer. New 413 brains have a silver sticker EWS or Non-EWS. Red is the safe bet, but if you know the production date of the car, a pre 1/95 silver brain will work.

You could use a 506 brain from a 95 M3. I read that this is a learning brain. It makes adjustments on air to fuel mixture based on O2 sensor readings, where the 413 can only make small adjustments. I think the 506 only came in the pre 1/95 M3's.

No tach yet. I can't figure out which wire to hook up. I guess I'll hunt it down this weekend. I made a split harness to try and use the 528i dual temp sensor. I made a pigtail for the oil level sensor since I used the E36 injection harness instead of the E34. I got the bracket from the E30 318i to make the injection brain bolt up.

I see quite a few people searching for Dinan chips for other model cars. It is my understanding that any car 1996 and newer cannot be chipped. You will need a programmer to download the info or a lap top. Here in Sacramento, Shatz and Krum is a Dinan Distributor.

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