Thursday, October 2, 2008


I changed out my Tach. Since my car is a 1986 325, I have the white backed gauge cluster, with a 5,000 rpm tach. I put in a 1984 318i tach which goes to 7,000 rpm. It still doesn't work, I have tried several wires to get it to work. I've been on R3vlimited. Checked my fuses. Checked wiring diagrams from the ETM. Still no signal. My economy gauge has been intermittently working.

I may try a blue backed 325i cluster this weekend.

I've got my fingers crossed!

I got my tach working. I kept my original cluster, and used the 84 318i 7,000 rpm tach. I connected a wire from the C101 plug under the dash to the solid black wire on the X20 plug. It works great! I also got my oil level senor working and my coolant sensor working. Now if I could just get my temp gauge working.

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